BVE: Wir sind immer noch in Europa

Jedes Jahr fand die BVE Ende Februar statt. Für mich stand im Kalender die Berlinale am Anfang Februar und dann die BVE am Ende des selbigen Monats. Die BVE ist Grossbritanniens grösste Medien-, Produktions- und Medientechnologieausstellung Falls Sie noch nicht davon gehört haben: Die BVE ist Grossbritanniens grösste Medien-, Produktions- und Medientechnologieausstellung. Es ist nicht …

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Unternehmensvideo – Selbermachen oder besser nicht?

Die Wirtschaftsförderung Lübeck hat einen Themenabend dem Thema ‘Unternehmensvideo’ gewidmet. Zwei alte Hasen mit Fernseherfahrung, Oliver Gäbel und Christof Tietgen, referierten zu zwei speziellen Themen: ‘Warum Unternehmensvideo?’ und ‘Wie Unternehmensvideo selbstmachen’. Den meisten Anwesenden dürften die Antworten zum ersten Thema nicht überrascht haben. Das zweite Thema mag allerdings den Grossteil der Zuhörer neugierig gemacht haben. …

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The Power of Codes

(Ryojo Ikeda installation ‘code-verse’ in Centre Pompidou until 27 August 2018) The digital age hasn’t only changed the economics of film/video and music production. New narratives have emerged, like in Tron or Matrix. With it, new visual images needed to be created. How to visualize a world where computers rule? How to show a world …

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Rediscovery of a Pioneer

( Exhibition ‘Helmar Lerski, Pioneer of Light’ at Musee d’art et d’histoire du Judaisme, Paris – until 26 August 2018 ) My article comes  a bit late as the exhibition finishes on 26 August 2018, but I was in Paris only these days. Helmar Lerski, born in Strasbourg in 1871 into a Polish-Jewish family, emigrated to …

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The journey from a Reference Video to your Video

In the following case study, I speak about the process from starting with a Reference Video to  producing a film on that basis. Reference videos are a very common tool in corporate videos and promotional videos. It allows the video filmmaker to understand what the client expects and where he/she wants to arrive, but as …

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Meeting Kajol

For, we filmed and edited another interview with another Bollywood-legend: Kajol. While only two streets away, the crowds were moving southwards demonstrating against Trump, Kajol spoke about her new movie ‘Helicopter Eela’. The interview nicely shows how private life can influence a film production and acting.

Meeting the Legend: Saif Ali Khan

I was videographer about two weeks ago of an interview for Amrita Tanna interviewed Bollywood legend Saif Ali Khan in a London hotel.  The occasion was the release of Netflix’s Sacred Games, the first binge watching series produced in India. The interview has some more depth than many others of those interviews as Saif …

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Editing event Sprocket Rocket

Using the language of images for editing

Last night, there was an industry insider event organised by Sprocket Rocket ( run by one of the most successful British editors Mick Audsley featuring Roger Crittenden who introduced the second edition of his book Fine Cuts about European Film Editing. It’s an interview book and so he brought with him two European editor legends …

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