Membership Comparison

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Access to all video services
Easy quotation tool
Revisions: 2
Tractable communication tool
Newsletter service (if opted in)
Agreed deadlines for completion
Money back guarantee
Cancellation at any time
EUR 75.00/Monat
All Benefits of the Basic Account
No advance payment
Resting Membership status
Online Production Status
Relationship as if inhouse – no need to explain your business everytime
Access to all audiovisual footage and produced videos provided
Reduced rates
Unlimited revisions: 5
Up to 5 Variations, max 1 min.
EUR 120.00 / Monat
All benefits of Standard member
Unlimited revisions
Up to 5 Variations, max 1 min.
Prioritised dealing with booking – Jump ahead of the queue
Exclusion from branding and portfolio at no extra costs
Downgrade of membership